There are currently 3 options of advertising with us :

1. Option 1 : Link advertising - USD 10 /30 days
2. Option 2 : Link advertising - USD 150 / sub category's main page with 30 days exposures
3. Option 3 : Banner advertising - USD 50 / 10 days at almost every pages

2 simple steps to submit your ads:

1. Fill in application form
2. Make payment only after receiving our direction via email.

* Your application will be processed manually by human.

1. Fill In Application Form
a. Fill in the blank with your name and your email.
b. In 'Subject' area, please indicate your Ads option. (option 1 OR 2 OR 3).
c. In 'Message' area, provide us your URL of your ads.
i. Describe your Ads in a simple interesting words (for Option 1 and 2).
ii. Paste your HTML code for Banner Ads. (Option 3)
iii.Categorise your Ads as: (Buy/Sell @ Jobs @ Website @ Video @ Business @ Others)
iv. Finally, please write down your country / location.
2. Make Payment
a. Payment method are using PayPal only.
b. Make payment when only you have been asking for. (we will notify via email)

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